Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I schedule an appointment? 

The quickest way to book an appointment is to click the Contact Me button at the bottom of the page or by email: I can also be reached by phone at 604-812-2620. Please call or connect anytime! 

2. What does counselling cost? 

I offer a free 30 minute consultation by phone and if you choose to book an appointment, my rates are $120 for a 50 minute session or $150 for a 80 minute session. Many extended health plans are now including Registered Clinical Counselling as a claimable service. Please inquire with your extended health provider. I also offer sliding scale rates for those who are unable to afford standard fees and I am happy to work with you to find the right fit for your finances. 

3. How many sessions will I need? 

Although clients can begin feeling positive change as quickly as one session, they typically make weekly appointments for the first 4-6 sessions. After that, clients may find they would like to space out sessions less frequently, or even come in as needed. I completely understand the time commitments and financial challenges of daily life, and will work with you to determine the most efficient way to get you or your child feeling better. My door is always open to welcome you back into the counselling space. 

4. Is counselling confidential? 

Absolutely. I deeply value the trust and privacy that we hold together in the counselling room. Everything that we discuss will remain confidential, except for the following circumstances: 

  • If a child is in danger of abuse, neglect, or harm 
  • If you pose a serious risk of harm to yourself or others
  • If a court orders the disclosure of my counselling records

Please know that I will continue to support you during the process, should any of the above situations occur. 

5. Can I do counselling on the phone or online? 

I offer counselling sessions over the phone and online via Skype or FaceTime. My goal is for counselling to be accessible for you in the most comfortable and convenient way possible. Please let me know if you would like to schedule this type of appointment. 

6. Do you offer any groups my child or teen can participate in? 

Yes! I am happy to offer group workshops and sessions, which can be very effective for young people who often feel like they are alone in their feelings. My most popular groups are often program-based, such as the Zones of Regulation group for parents and children, as well as a Mindfulness group for children and teens. Please contact me for more information about registering for a group session.